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How to Compile a CV

A powerful CV is a formidable tool in your arsenal for securing the very best job available. It must be easy to read with relevant information available instantly. A recruiter will get bored and frustrated by wading through pages of irrelevance just to read the nitty gritty of why he should employ you. An employment agency requires a CV that is to the point!

The aim of a brilliant CV is to get you the interview and the job. There is no second chance so yours must be a killer of a CV and must annihilate the competition. If your CV is not up to standard, you could be doing yourself out of your perfect job. We know how to compile a CV and we would love to do it for you, too.

Your CV has exactly 5 seconds to get the recruiters attention and then… BOOM… no interview. Don’t confuse a resume with a CV. A resume is a ‘specials of the day’ menu and a CV is the full detailed regular menu. Very different! Compiling a CV is a simple job if done properly, so get the professionals to help you with this vital task so that you don’t end up on the file 13 pile along with your less-than-perfect CV. A well compiled CV will get the attention of an employment agency in no time at all.

Start with a perfect cover letter that introduces you. Your CV must list your education from the latest to the first, and then your employment story from present to first. Be honest with yourself and with your prospective employers. Just rely on your own innate talent and our expert CV writing to get you your perfect match in the employment world.