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Does your company follow the correct labour law procedures?

There are many labour laws that must be followed strictly by businesses. Managers and employees alike should be aware of all the procedures regarding labour laws to avoid unfair practice. To ensure that you are being fair and following procedures, read about the labour law procedures below:

General rights
In order to ensure that you are following the correct labour law procedures, you need to be made aware of the rights of the employees and the employers. Employees have the right to not be unfairly dismissed, to be provided with the necessary equipment, to work in safe conditions, to receive the agreed upon remuneration at the agreed upon time, to receive fair labour practice, to be treated with respect and to have the ability to state their rights. They are also given the right to submit a complaint to a trade union representative, discuss their terms of employment colleagues, employers and others, refuse to comply with instructions or terms and conditions that are contradictory to the labour law act, inspect records, or request that a trade union representative inspect records, of the act that relate to the employee, participate in trials regarding unfair procedures.

Employers have the right to expect employees to adhere to the following; to fulfil their agreed upon duties within the agreed upon timeframe, to perform under the authority of the employer, to obey and carry out all instructions regarding work, to behave well in the workplace, to act in good faith and follow workplace rules at all times, to complete objectives at a high standard, to use the employers methods and resources and to report any unlawful actions seen in the workplace.

If any of the employer rights above are not adhered to by the employee, the employer may have the right to dismiss the employee. However, during the dismissal the correct labour law procedures must be followed. If these procedures are not completed correctly, the employer may lose the case. The procedures involved include investigating the accusation, providing evidence of the employees’ wrongdoings and allowing the employee to provide a statement regarding their case.

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