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Dressing for Success with Your Recruitment Agency Interview

The first impression that you make on your recruitment agency interview is one of the most important impressions during your entire job seeking process. The first judgment that any recruiter will make on you won’t be based on your CV, experience or skills, but rather, it will be based on how you look and what clothes you are wearing. It’s harsh, but it’s true.

This is why in every instance it is still important to dress professionally for an interview, irrespective of the work environment that you are applying to work in. Many jobseekers are still unsure as to the appropriate dress code for an interview? Generally speaking, a job-seeking applicant dressed in a suit will make a better impression than someone who comes to the interview dressed in casual clothes.

Give Yourself the Best Advantage

By dressing the part, you will give yourself the best advantage when it comes to your recruitment agency interview. Here is information on women’s interview attire:

• Navy, black or dark grey coloured suit;
• Coordinated blouse;
• Light make up and perfume;
• Limited jewellery; and
• Professional hairstyle.

Men’s interview attire tips:

• Navy or dark grey suit;
• Long sleeve shirt;
• Belt and tie;
• Little or no jewellery; and
• Neat, professional hairstyle.