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Employer Branding – Why You Need More Than Employment Agencies to Attract Top Talent

Combine Employment Agencies with Your Employer Brand to Build a Winning Team

When it comes to branding, most employers will likely think more about the marketing and advertising side. Things like brand messaging, company logo and advertising budgets spring to mind. While this is certainly some of the main aspects of branding, many employers often neglect considering the value of their employer branding.

This is particularly important in South Africa, who is in the grips of a mass exodus of skilled staff. This just means that skilled professionals will get scarcer, and thus means that it will become more competitive to target and retain skilled employees. The way that South African businesses are recruiting candidates and also retaining employees have changed, in part thanks to technological advancements and social media. Career review sites also make it easier for candidates to research prospective employers.

The Power of a Strong Employer Brand, Supported by Employment Agencies

Without a strong employer brand today, companies are missing out on the opportunity to land top candidates. Employment agencies can only sell your business, the role and remuneration package to a degree. Your employer brand will need to do the rest. Your employer branding is the organisation’s reputation as an employer. It also entails the value it offers its employees.

Favourable employer branding assists in attracting and retaining skilled staff members. And after all, your company’s most valuable resource is its human resource. However, many employers make the mistake of investing all their resources in only attracting top talent, but don’t pay as much attention to retaining them. Talent retention is a whole other post on its own, but it pays to be mindful that your employer brand needs to factor in retaining your hard-won talent too.

Employer Branding is Your Company’s Business Identity

The importance of employer branding is underscored by the fact that it is your company’s business identity. It’s what makes your company attractive to prospective employees and what makes it stand out to skilled candidates who have the pick of the crops when it comes to choosing where to work.

However, employer branding also assists the employment agencies your company works with, helping them to entice and boost the talent pool of candidates they have to deal with. All in all, you want to spend time and resources in building your employer brand so that you are just as attractive a destination for career hungry professionals as you are to clients who wish to work with your business.

Who Plays a Part in Developing Your Company’s Employer Branding?

Human resources play an important role in helping to define your employer branding. After all, they are at the forefront of the battle and know first-hand what modern employees look for in an employer. However, they aren’t the only one with a stake in the fight for South Africa’s scarce skilled workforce.

Management of the company has the authority to make important decisions that will impact company culture and all the other benefits employees look for when joining a company. These benefits may vary from one sector to another, such as what tech employees would expect from an employer versus what finance professionals would expect.

Working with reputable employment agencies can provide you with greater insight into what employees are looking for and expecting from their employers. At FHH Consultants, we bring decades of combined industry experience to the marketplace. Our team has been around a good while and has helped to connect some of Gauteng’s leading employers with skilled staff and can do the same for you.

We remain committed to bringing together both our employer and candidate clients in mutually beneficial relationships. Let us do the hard work for you and find the skilled workforce you need to take your company’s operations to the next level. To learn more about us, what we do and how we can be of value to you, simply contact us today. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have.