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Getting ready for the January recruitment

Recruitment can be a hassle at the beginning of each year. Trying to sift through the countless applications of prospects can be one that is gruelling. However, when it comes to recruitment there are various things that need to be looked at to ensure that you yield fruitful results that benefit both the employer and employee.

Are you looking for a human or robot?

When looking for recruits someone who is efficient and knows how to get the work done is key. Ensuring that that they want to further company as much as you do is also another winning factor. However, they also need to have a human aspect and not a yes man robotic facet. Asking yourself whether you will work for this person will also help you to make your decision. If you are not able to do so when the roles of reversed in terms of you working for them, or hesitate, it is probably not a good choice.

They need to be in the know

Before you move onto anything else you need to ask yourself these questions; does this person show enthusiasm in the company? Do they know about your company past its name? Their responses on what they know, and how they respond will determined what kind of drive they will be  bringing into the company. Their lack of enthusiasm will probably reflect in the type of work they produce dragging a part of your company down.

Confident and smart

Hiring someone who is confident in themselves helps. During the interview process it may not be easily detectable to see whether or not a person can fully handle stressful situations, but people who are able to think on their feet is one of the signs. Finding a potential employee that is resourceful will also benefit the company in the long run.

Ask behavioral based questions

This will aid you to see what kind of person you will possibly be working with, and will also help you to avoid a person with a model answer to all your questions. At the end of the day you would want someone who will be able to operate in an environment with people, no matter how small.