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How to develop a successful on-the-job training programme

On-the-job training is a way to help employees gain knowledge while in the workplace. This is beneficial to the company and its employees as people will able to grow with the company by improving their skills and upgrading their roles. Before this growth can happen, a training programme must be developed. Here’s how to develop a successful on-the-job training programme:

Needs analysis
The first step in creating a successful on-the-job training programme is to perform a needs analysis. A needs analysis will determine what skills the employees within the company need to improve in order to reach the business goal. Business owners will need to think of effective training exercises that will improve these skills.

Planning and objective development
On-the-job training is more than just implementing a training programme, extensive planning must be done. Plan how you want to go about training people. make a list of objectives that you want to be reached by each employee that completes the on-the-job training programme.

The next step in the development of an on-the-job training programme is the design. The design stage requires the business owner to decide which training exercise or exercises to use. Another decision is made in this stage regarding which managers or employees will run the training programmes.

The implementation of training is the last step in the development of a successful on-the-job training programme. The head of the training programmes must inform employees of the programmes and tell them when training will take place. Employees will then spend the necessary time – be it hours, days or weeks – completing the on-the-job training programme and improving their skills.

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