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How to improve productivity through a goal orientated approach

Improve productivity

FHH Consultants is an employment agency that strives towards excellence and providing a streamlined experience for all our stakeholders. We understand the importance of continuous improvement and making the necessary adjustments in an agile manner to adapt and thrive in different conditions.

Improving productivity is on the “To-Do List” of many individuals, and organisations would need to be significantly scaled to achieve goals and objectives. In this article, we will be identifying specific techniques and methodologies that are simple enough to implement on an every-day basis to achieve goals.

  • Set out specific systems and processes

Map out the specific projects that need to be pipelined and create a roadmap of the project. Within this roadmap, employ the “SMART” technique (Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely), by breaking it down into smaller tasks at a granular level to achieve goals.

  • Organise tasks in an agile manner

The agile methodology is crucial to the success of any project. Being able to adapt quickly to changing requirements and understanding specific impediments can assist in delivering results quicker.

  • Organisations should provide training and development modules

By having open and transparent conversations with staff members, organisations can assist with specific training and development plans to catapult motivation, soft skills and employee morale. Clear focus and direction are core components in working towards achieving goals. Utilise and explore available technologies that are available to automate, streamline and enhance learning.

  • Effective delegation

Consider different operating models that could influence different ways of working. Ensure that tasks are properly analysed and allocated to the respective team member to take ownership. Allowing different teams to cross-pollinate is also another way for different individuals to get exposure and learn different skills in the long-run.

  • Allow for flexibility and reduce distractions

Proper work-life balance is pivotal to the success of an organisation and individual goals. By blocking out certain “time slots” for dedicated projects should be uninterrupted and other time should be carved out for other important aspects of an employee’s life to avoid burnout.

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