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All you need to know about performance appraisals

As an employer it is always important to seek areas in need of improvement, this just one of the many reasons that employment agencies conduct performance appraisals or PA’s.

What is a performance appraisal?

To put it simply, a performance appraisal refers is an examination as well as an evaluation of a staff members behavior and performance in the workplace. A comparison is made between the employee’s performance and the current standards, a task that is designated to consultants from employment agencies or a manager who will document the results and provide feedback to the relevant employees. The feedback will highlight areas that require attention, offering reasons and constructive solutions. In conjunction a well-rounded performance appraisal should offer discussions about career development, strength and weaknesses, and should be done systematically as well as periodically.

What is the goal of a performance appraisal?

The intended outcome on a performance appraisal is to establish which of your employees require further training, are successfully completing their designated tasks and should be promoted or demoted.

How is data collected?

The necessary information is collected in a number of different ways but three of the most common methods are known as objective production, personnel evaluation and judgmental evaluation.

Employment agencies like FHH consultants are equipped with the necessary expertise required to conduct a successful performance appraisal, the goal is to gain as much insight as possible and get the most out of the experience. Contact us by email at and we can help you to accomplish a successful performance appraisal within your organisation.