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Reasons your company should have an employment equity plan

An employment equity plan is a way for an employer to eliminate unfair practices regarding discrimination in their company. Using a plan, employers can work towards a better future for their company as well as South Africa. Read more about why your company should have an employment equity plan below:

What is it?
An employment equity plan is a plan that aims to create equal opportunities within your company for minority groups and to eliminate the unfair treatment of employees due to their race, gender, or disabilities. The plan should address any problems regarding discrimination in the company. It should also include goals to resolve these problems and move toward employment equity in your company. Once a plan has been drawn up, it needs to be approved by a trade union representative and the employees of the company before it can be implemented.

Why is it necessary?
Having an employment equity plan in place will allow an employer to review their staff profile in comparison to the demographics of the company. They will have a greater understanding of their demographic shortfalls, allowing them to make changes where necessary. These changes will help in the creation of a more diversified group of employees which will benefit the company immensely. Moving towards a more equal workplace contributes to the sustainability of the company in the long run and enhances its credibility within the industry.