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Recruitment problems and how to avoid them

An important decision in businesses is the choice of who to hire. The positions need to be filled with competent, enthusiastic individuals who are willing and able to work towards the company’s goals. To ensure that you are hiring the right employees, it is important that the hiring manager avoids all recruitment problems. Here are a few recruitment problems to avoid during the interview process:

Job description
If the job description is not accurate, it can cause recruitment problems. The interviewees need to be completely sure of the job they are applying for as to not waste your time. If the job description is not accurate, or if it is vague, it could cause confusion and the applications you receive may not be exactly what you are looking for, which will slow down the recruitment process. Make sure to add all responsibilities of the position and the experience that is required to be considered for the position.

Unsure of the job specification
In the screening and interview processes recruitment problems can occur if you as the interviewer are unsure of the job specifications. Before screening an applicant, make sure you are aware of what to look for in the interviewee. Type an outline of what is required for the position in order to find applicants that match these requirements.

Screening the positives
Don’t look for the positives in the applications. It is important to be critical when screening the CV’s. Yes, you should be looking at the individuals’ suitable qualities for the position as well as the company, this does not mean you should overlook the negatives. Pay attention to any suggestions that the applicant would not be successful in the position.

Subjective bias
In the interview process, do not let your ‘gut feel’ take over. Make sure that the interviewee is ticking all the boxes and that your positive outlook on their first impression isn’t getting in the way of you seeing the potential negatives that they are displaying. It is important to be objective in interviews as personal feelings can cloud your judgement and cause recruitment problems.