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Tips for developing woman’s careers within your business

Its time for women to break the glass ceiling. Many women are not given the opportunity by their companies to improve themselves and their careers. However, there are ways for businesses to help the development of woman’s careers.

Make sure that your business offers regular training programmes for skills development. These training programmes should be readily available to all staff. Women can then use the training programmes available to heighten their skillset and develop their career further. The training programmes will give managers the chance to identify women that have the knack for leadership. Once identified, they could be given the opportunity to move into leadership positions.

Assignment opportunities
Research shows that women are less likely to be given special assignments that could improve their skills, help them expand their network and give them the opportunity to be recognised by people higher up in the business. In order to develop woman’s careers in your business, business managers should give women opportunities to be a part of these assignments.

Amplify ideas
Women in meetings are often overruled by men and good ideas can go unnoticed unless amplified. This works when a woman has an idea and other members of the meeting repeat the idea, giving credit to the woman who came up with it, for it to be noticed by decision makers. This can also improve a women’s confidence in raising ideas in meetings, giving them more opportunities to be noticed and to develop their careers.