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Tips on how to conduct effective performance appraisals

Performance appraisals are employee evaluations regarding the performance of the employee in the workplace. These appraisals are important as they are a way to provide employees with valuable information in order to motivate them to improve their performance. Here are a few tips on how to conduct effective performance appraisals:


Do not go into performance appraisals unprepared. You cannot decide what you need to say while sitting in the meeting with the employee. Know exactly what you want to say to them before entering the boardroom including how you want to motivate them, what they need to work on and so on.

Communicate and coach

The best way to start the performance appraisals is to give them the feeling of a discussion. Ask the employee how they feel they have done. Get a better understanding of their opinion of their work by asking them whether they believe they have improved and why. Once they have answered, give your feedback and guide them where you can.

Highlight important notes

Don’t forget to highlight all the important points. Highlight the areas where you feel they have done the best, and the areas where they have not done well in terms of specific objectives that are meant to be met. Be sure to bring up previous performance appraisals to appropriately compare where their performance has improved or deteriorated.

Be firm

Remember that you oversee each performance appraisal. It may be difficult to evaluate employee performance, especially when the employee is under-performing, always must be firm. This is especially true when you are talking about downfalls. Do not let your emotions get the best of you and cause you to back off – or become too vocal.