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Using HR and IR Services to Make Sure Your New Hires Fit in with Your Company Culture

Hire a Team That Complements Your Company Culture with Professional HR and IR Services

There is so much more to a new hire than merely their skills and experience. As any business owner knows, it can be like striking gold when you make the right hire, and it can be devastating if you make the wrong one. A bad hire is far costlier for a company than the mountains of paperwork it creates. It can end up costing you dearly in an area where you have little room for error; your company culture.

One bad hire can end up breaking the entire mood in an office. Worse, it can negatively impact on the great members of your team and even lead to departures in the company. This is the opposite impact you want professional HR and IR services to have for your company. Instead, you want to build a strong team that can support your business goals but also complement the team culture you’ve spent so long building and fostering.

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How Can HR and IR Services Help You Preserve Your Company Culture?

It’s a risk every time you allow an outsider into your company. However, with professional HR and IR services, you can minimise the risk. There are ways that you can look beyond the technical expertise and experience of a candidate to determine whether they’ll be a good fit for your business, and it all starts with the HR and IR services you employ.

A great recruiter will dedicate time to get to know your company and its culture. This will act as your first line of defence, since they’ll be able to determine whether a candidate is likely to fit in with your office or not. By having your HR and IR services act as gatekeepers, you already have a layer of protection in the recruitment process. They’ll keep candidates from your door that may not fit in well from a culture point of view, even if they’re a perfect fit on paper.

Culture Fit Questions to Ask at the Interview

The interview process is a great place to mine for information and to determine the cultural fit of the candidate to their immediate team and the company at large. With some key questions you can break through the veneer and get down to who the candidate really is, what they like and what they don’t. Just because a candidate isn’t necessarily a great fit for your team doesn’t make them a bad employee, it just means that they’re not 100% suited for the role and your company.

It’s best to find this out before you step into the legal quagmire of trying to extricate an employee that doesn’t fit in your company. Your HR and IR services can provide you with more information about the questions you can ask a prospective employee, but here are a few you can ask during the interview process to get to the real candidate:

• What drew you to the company?
• What does professional success look like to you?
• Describe the work culture and environment in which you’re happiest and most productive.
• Do you prefer working alone, or as part of a team?

These are only a few of the questions you can ask to determine whether a candidate is a potential cultural fit for your team.

Work with FHH Consultants to Build a Strong Team

We work with small to medium-sized and larger businesses across Johannesburg to attract star talent to their teams. Throughout the years, our HR and IR services have added great value to our clients’ companies and we continue to help companies build strong teams that can get their companies to where it needs to go.

Aside from offering recruitment solutions, our HR and IR services extend to performance appraisals, talent management, HR management and industrial relations management, to name a few. Talk to us to learn more about our services and how we can be of value to your business.

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