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What is employment equity in the workplace?

Employment equity is a legal requirement in all workplaces. It is advised that employers take affirmative action in assuring employment equity in the workplace by creating a plan. Read more about employment equity and how it needs to be applied below:

The objectives
Employment equity in the workplace is characterised by using various employment practices to ensure the representation of minority groups. South Africa’s history shows a large amount of discrimination in terms of race, gender and disability regarding access to education, employment and much more. The employment equity act is in place to counter discrimination in the workplace and to provide the suitable candidates of each minority group with opportunities of employment on all levels of occupation.

The application
The application of employment equity in the workplace involves the use of a plan created by employers. This plan must be accepted by the trade union and the employees before it can be implemented. Employers need to be sure of all procedures and practices regarding employment equity to create a fair plan. The plan needs to include goals relating to the resolution of any employment equity issues within the workplace.

Skills development
Employment equity works alongside the skills development act. Managers are required to inform all employees of the opportunity for growth in the company. This ensures that all employees within the workplace, regardless of their age, gender, race and disabilities, have equal opportunity to move up in the company through the development of their skills.