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5 Qualities of a good recruiter

In order to hire the right employees, you need to have the right recruiter. The right recruiter will have a few stand-out qualities that will enable them to attract the best candidates and make the right hiring decisions. Here are a few qualities of a good recruiter:


A good recruiter needs to have confidence. They need to be able to communicate with multiple people and work out who among those people would fit in with the business. In order to do so effectively they need to be partially extroverted and confident in their ability to find the right candidate.

Good listening skills

A good recruiter should be able to communicate with candidates, but they must also be able to listen. Having the quality of a good listener will help the recruiter understand what the candidate is looking for and if they would be the appropriate choice to fill the position. The recruiter will also be able to pinpoint any issues with the candidate by listening well.


A good recruiter should be likeable. The candidates should feel comfortable when talking to them. If the recruiter seems strict and unpleasant, the candidates that meet with them may be nervous or uncomfortable and unwilling to show their full personality. Likeable recruiters will build trust and create personal relationships with candidates, making it easy to decipher who would be the best employee.


Every good recruiter is a little bit sceptical. It is not ideal for a recruiter to be highly optimistic and biased while interviewing candidates. Recruiters that are slightly sceptical are more likely to seed out the good and bad candidates.


A good recruiter needs to have patience. Not every candidate is going to be perfect for the job, but the position will eventually be filled. Don’t rush into a decision just because a position needs to be filled.