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Ways to bridge the gender pay gap within your business

The gender pay gap refers to the difference between the salaries of men and women. Though this gap is shrinking, women still earn less at a company level. This needs to be corrected and it all starts with your business! Here are a few ways to bridge the gender pay gap within your business:

Job description
You may be wondering how the job description could bridge the gender pay gap, so we’ll break it down for you. Research shows that the wording of your job description can be used to attract different job applicants. Using words that are likely to attract female applicants will give you the chance to increase the diversity in your company, therefore slowly reducing the gender pay gaps. Give us the opportunity to use your job description to find your company suitable female candidates.

The interviews
The interview process is another way to bridge the gender pay gap. Often in interviews, the hiring manager will have a subconscious bias towards male candidates. Using interviews to prevent this bias involves using a standard set of questions for both male and female applicants. These standard questions will help you choose a candidate based on the data received rather than their gender.

Promotional transparency
When offering promotions, managers will usually speak to the people that they believe are suited to the position, and these people are most often men. In order to bridge the pay gap, businesses must be more transparent about promotional opportunities. This will give female employees a chance to show their skills and prove that they too are suitable candidates for the position.

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