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7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Your Staffing Solutions

Millions of South Africans trust employment agencies to help them enter the job market, or change careers, or find new positions in their industries. Professional staffing solutions know the industries in which they operate, and also know the needs of both employers and employees. It makes sense for small to medium and larger companies to invest in professional staffing solutions, as it can be a hassle and big expense to take recruitment in-house.

If you are looking to benefit from professional staffing solutions, you should know which questions to ask before hiring a recruiter to help you build your strong team that will take your company into the future. So which questions should you get answers to, when consider the recruitment to work with?

1. How does the recruitment company measure client satisfaction?
2. What expertise do they have with recruiting in your industry?
3. What was their turnover rate for internal staff the previous year?
4. What current recruiting issues and trends should you as a business owner be aware of?
5. Do they expect their rates to be lower, higher or about the same as other recruitment agencies you may be considering?
6. What do they expect from you in the client relationship?
7. What is their most recent satisfaction score among temporary and permanently placed employees?

Trust FHH Consultant for Expert Staffing Solutions

At FHH Consultants, we answer these questions daily. We know our clients, and we know how to meet their needs. We provide the best staffing solutions for a variety of companies and industries, ranging from small to medium enterprises to large corporations. Our company also has a nationwide footprint, and have worked with businesses across South Africa.

With our comprehensive service approach, we’ve grown to become one of the leading employment agencies in South Africa. Our company specialises in the recruitment of insurance, accounting, customer service, marketing and technical professionals, among a range of other vocations. Speak to us about all your staffing needs, and for a plan of action to fill key vacancies.