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2017 – The Year to Start Making Use of an Employment Agency

The current job market in South Africa is as volatile as it has ever been – this is making it increasingly harder for people to find jobs and for employers to find skilled workers who have the experience and know-how to do the required job.

With the failures of the current economy, analysts predict that unemployment will become an even bigger problem, which is why this year is a perfect year for you to start using the services of an employment agency.

An employment agency like FHH Consultants services both the job-seeker and the employer, in a bid to find the perfect match for an open position.

Anyone who’s ever been a job-seeker in South Africa will understand how difficult it is to land the job of your dreams. Companies are cash-strapped for salaries and they’re all looking for the perfect candidate – the problem is, the job-seekers don’t always know what or who the companies are looking for.
By working as a middle man, an employment agency can identify companies that will be best suited for you as a job-seeker. This means that less time is wasted by attending interviews where you have no chance of landing the job. By making use of an employment agency, you can increase your chances of getting a job at a market-related salary.

Skilled workers with a good resume are hard to find. Employers often waste valuable time on interviews that bare no fruits in the form of successful candidates.
Using an employment agency allows you to focus solely on candidates who are very well suited to the position that you have available within your company.

Whatever the requirements of the job, an employment agency will hand you a group of job-seekers who will not only suit the position, but also the ethos of your company.
What are you waiting for? Find that dream job, or dream employee by contacting us, today.