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The Holiday Season – a Great Time to Approach Recruitment Agencies, Johannesburg in Particular

Johannesburg during December is a great place to be. Schools shut and many taking their annual leave, the roads are quiet and activity in offices at a minimum. It’s a great time to get strategically-important things done and finding a new employment position is no exception. It’s also the time of year when potential job seekers who have waited to receive their annual bonuses and, possibly, find out what their increases will be decide on whether it’s viable to remain with their current employer. However, once bonuses are received, the recruitment industry experiences a mini peak period in a sense which, if it does nothing else, stimulates the sector into productive activity. Employers, too, hoping to get an advantage over looming new fiscals and hoping to make those tweaks to their operating environment with the addition of new talent finally find time to give these decisions the attention they deserve.

Of the recruitment agencies Johannesburg has to offer, FHH Consultants (Pty) Ltd is particularly wise to these factors and gears itself up particularly to best service this trend.


‘Tis the season of giving – employers, recruitment agencies and employees are felling generous, making package negations smoother. Besides, a new job is probably the best present you could expect…

Just as employees look around, employers experience a drain of talent which, at the outset, might appear difficult to replace. So those in the market during this time have a better-than-even chance of being exposed to really good opportunities.

Recruiters – and employers – have freed up time to attend to your job application and, if you’ve taken leave, attending interviews needn’t be the cloak-and-dagger affair it sometimes is, leaving you relaxed and attentive during your interview processes.

Holidays, or leave taken, afford prospective employees the time and relaxed environment to reflect on deeper, long-range goals and ambitions whilst being somewhat detached from the work environment influence. This is an ideal time – with the guidance of recruitment agencies Johannesburg people discover to be still on the ball – to consolidate one’s career objective. This also gives recruiters opportunities to “re-arm” their “arsenal” as it were, with high quality recruits and positions in time for the commencement of the New Year. This is a time to get into the good books of successful recruiters, gaining an advantage over those who only get started in January.

The Holiday period is also a good time for unsolicited inquiries to be better-received by employers and candidates due to the reduced stress levels as well as the air of goodwill that prevails. This is also a period when time spent on social media increases, making access to potentials easier and abundant.

For people travelling to or from foreign countries, opportunities that would seem out of reach previously now become possible. Speak to FHH Consultants as soon as possible – about something that could change your life…