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What Employment Agencies Will Need From You During Your First Meeting

As you prepare for your first meeting with an employment agency such as FHH Consultants, the crème de la crème of employment agencies, there are a number of things you should do to get ready for your meeting. There is more to this preparation that just picking out an outfit, as you do not want to waste the time of the individual with which you are interviewing it is important that you have all your metaphorical ducks in a row.

How do employment agencies work?

Step 1
Every employment agency will develop a database of CV’s (possibly including your own)

Step 2
An organisation or business will send a description of the position they wish to fill to various employment agencies.

Step 3
The employment agency in question will select CV’s that they believe to be applicable from their database

Step 4
The organisation or business will then examine the collected CV’s and select applicants they wish to interview. The employment agency will then arrange the interview with the applicant.

What do employment agencies need from you as a job seeker?

1. The single most important thing that employment agencies need from you is an up to date CV with references

2. You must arrive with a positive attitude and a clear idea of what kind of work and position you are looking for and the geographical areas in which you wish to work

3. Be prepared to answer numerous questions

Should you be seeking employment of are looking to hire qualified members of staff, FHH Consultants are here to help. Our team of trained experts have the skill necessary to assist with all your employment needs. As far as employment agencies go, FHH Consultants are industry leaders so contact us without delay take the first steps towards landing your dream job.