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FAQ About Employment Agencies in South Africa

With so many of South Africa’s population facing unemployment, jobseekers need to do everything in their power to stand out during the selection and interview process. Similarly, with massive skills shortages in various industries, employers need to up their game in order to attract the candidates with the skills needed to take their companies to the next level. This is why Employment Agencies in South Africa exist.

Professional employment agencies in South Africa can hold the key to both parties connecting and enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship. However, there are still some popularly asked questions surrounding these agencies that many people and companies have. Let’s clear up some of these questions right now.

Q: Who Pays The Employment Agency?

Many jobseekers mistakenly think that they need to pay an employment agency to find them work. While this might be the case with the extreme minority of agencies, reputable employment agencies in South Africa generally don’t ask any fees from their jobseeker candidates.

Employers pay the employment agency’s fee based on an agreed upon fee structure. It would do you well to treat any employment agency who demands an up-front payment from jobseekers as suspect.

Q: What are The Roles of Employment Agencies in South Africa?

Employment agencies are contracted by employers to advertise specific vacancies in the company. Instead of applying directly to the company, candidates apply to the employment agency. The agency then sifts through applications and creates a shortlist of viable candidates, which it then sends to the company for an interview. During this stage the agency also performs all relevant background and qualification check son the candidate.

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