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Everything you need to know about the recruitment process

As an employment agency that is at the forefront of identifying gaps in the market and highlighting critical business skills that will enhance the sustainability of candidates and organisations, FHH Consultants are the preferred partners in assisting you with achieving your goals.

The recruitment process can be overwhelming and complex for both the candidate and the organisation. FHH Consultants understands this intricacy and simplifies the process through robust recruitment techniques.

A brief overview of the recruitment process through FHH Consultants:

  1. FHH Consultants receive the specifications from the organisation

The consultants at FHH will sit down with the clients and get their exact requirements for the position; these include experience required, niche and in-demand technical skills as well as a high level of business acumen

  1. Sourcing the candidates

The team will then evaluate the clients wish list which includes necessary specifications and requirements for the position, after that the team then actively begins to source and headhunt new talent for the client that are a close match.

  1. Conducts interviews with candidates for screening

This is a vital stage in the recruitment process, as it would speak to the quality of the candidate and ensure that the organisational strategy and candidate’s personal career aspirations are aligned for a successful partnership. A screening interview is an amazing opportunity to gauge the interest of the candidate and provide the platform for the candidate to further explain the potential value they could bring to an organisation.

  1. Presents 3-5 candidates per specification for FHH Consultants clients

FHH Consultants provides a variety of candidates with impeccable combinations of skills, experience, and qualifications.

  1. The client would decide whether to interview and employ the candidate

The ultimate decision would be in the hands of the client to conduct a new set of interview rounds to confirm if the candidate is an organisational culture fit. Once this process is conducted, the onboarding process would begin with the organisation and the successful candidate.

Reference checks are crucial to ensuring that organisations invest in candidates with integrity and all the checks are correct, such as educational qualifications and employment history.

Lastly, the on-boarding process would entail support and communication to ensure that the candidate feels comfortable in their new role. FHH Consultants also ensures to stay in touch with the client and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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