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How recruitment agencies can tackle youth employment

Tackle youth employment

FHH Consultants are passionate about facilitating and streamlining conversations between different stakeholders in the employment market. We pave the way for ensuring fair and equitable practices to the broader society.

Youth unemployment is an incredibly important issue that needs to be addressed and requires the participation of all stakeholders in society. Market trends in the younger population are particularly concerning as the supply and demand are drastically unequal.

Some of the contributing factors to the rising unemployment rate are that the supply of decent earning jobs is not nearly enough to meet the actual demand. Opportunities such as incentivising ideas for innovative solutions from the government, volunteering, community work, and the financial and social viability of entrepreneurship are all high-level strategies for counteracting unemployment.

Recruitment agencies cannot solely provide opportunities for employment. It has to be a collaborative effort amongst all parties involved. Organisations, NGO’s and small to medium enterprises should collaborate by putting programs in place to educate the youth about available opportunities and discuss potential strategies for growth.

Soft skills such as emotional intelligence and other technical skills are crucial to bridging the gap between potential candidates and future opportunities. In addition to the process of developing soft skills and technological professional development, it would be important to provide other skills such as understanding market trends for applying for jobs and relaying mechanisms put in place that includes Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and informing candidates of how these systems work, particularly for their CV’s, motivational letters and other supporting documentation.

Interviewing techniques and preparation is an equally important components in assisting the youth with their quest of finding opportunities. Recruitment agencies have top-tier experience in interviewing candidates and could assist the youth with best practices for interviewing.

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