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FHH Consultants – Our Services Explained

FFH Consultants came into existence after identifying a gap in the South African market for a proactive and innovative recruitment agency that values both its candidates and employer-clients in equal measure. This company has grown to become one of the foremost requirement agencies in South Africa, and continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the recruitment industry.

Their specialty extends to:

  • Accounting professionals;
  • Events management experts;
  • Human resource personnel;
  • Accounting and blue collar positions;
  • Insurance and customer service professionals, to name a few.

FFH Consultants incorporates the professional service of electronic media and respected publications in an effort to attract the best quality talent for their clients’ positions. You can rest assured that you will tap the best and brightest talent in South Africa when dealing with FFH Consultants.

Payroll Solutions From FFH Consultants
This leading recruitment agency also offers a personal and cost-efficient payroll solution to business and individuals, providing a complete peace of mind that your employees are always paid accurately and on time, every time.

Human Resource Services From FFH Consultants
FFH Consultants’ goal is to provide their clients with a complete and comprehensive human resources solution. This solution will help to free up the valuable time of your employees to aid you in your quest of growing your business.

Recruitment Solutions From FFH Consultants
Since their inception FFH Consultants has become a leading recruitment agency in South Africa. Their equal dedication to jobseekers and employer-clients sets them apart in a crowded marketplace. Partner with FFH Consultants for comprehensive recruitment, human resource and payroll solutions in South Africa.