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What you should look for in a talent management agency

You may be one of the few who has spent years at a tertiary institution or has gained valuable experience in your field of expertise. You may also be keenly aware that finding that perfect job is not easy. Luckily there are many established talent management companies to assist you in your quest. Before you make use of the services of such a company you must ensure that they will be able to assist you in a professional manner. For example certain companies only specialise in administration staff, and others in technical or scientific disciplines.

The following are a few pointers you should look out for:

  • Is the company well established, in other words has the company been around for many years?
  • What is the level of customer satisfaction? This could easily be gained by reviewing consumer opinion sites.
  • Do they have qualified and experienced staff in your area of expertise?
  • Do they specialise in recruiting for small, medium or large corporations?
  • Do they fill staffing requirement locally and/or internationally?
  • Is their recruitment industry specific? That is, do they specialize in biotech, information services industry etc.
  • Does the agency have affiliations with well know companies?

Making that career choice may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Gaining experience at the right company will open doors for you in the future. Therefore it is important to choose the correct talent management agency. View your choice of talent management agencies as your first step in a rewarding working environment.