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How To Get A Job

In all honesty, looking for a job really can be a mission. What’s more is today’s job market isn’t exactly the warmest. Unemployment is sadly a huge problem in our country (and throughout the globe). It is important that you put the right amount of time into finding a job, not to mention the ‘perfect job’.

Here are some valuable steps you can take towards finding a job that suits you.

Connections, Connections, Connections
Unfortunately this is reality. Today, it’s less about what you do and more about who you know. Let’s face it- you could have a shopping list of qualifications, but if you don’t know the right people, that won’t get you anywhere. It’s important to tap your network- everybody knows somebody… Take some time and think about the people you know, odds are you’ll have a list of about three people that could potentially refer you to other people, looking to fill vacancies. Remove yourself from the process of scoping newspapers everyday and start working through people. The best bet is to contact a well-connected recruitment agency such as FHH Consultants, this is a quick gateway to connections in your field of interest.

Back to School
No, not high or primary level school, think varsity, college or any tertiary institution you may have gone to. Chances are you may have former class mates that could be looking to hire people they trust or even know other professionals looking to fill vacancies. A lot of universities have alumni clubs that have job searching newsletters- which is also a helpful source.

Connect via the Net
LinkedIn is similar to the age old act of looking for jobs in the newspaper, however, being online and serving as a database for other professionals in your field, it elevates itself above the ‘Jobs’ section in your local paper. People search jobs, and professionals search for potential employees- which is why having a LinkedIn profile is very important, and efficient. With LinkedIn you connect with the right people.