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Your Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder in 5 Steps

The term ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ is as old as the hills. Indeed, starting small and working your way up in any profession is both admirable and highly recommended- but not everyone makes a success of it.

First of all, you need to be 110% committed to whatever job it is that you want, for many people that’s called a ‘dream job’, in order to be willing to start at the bottom. This is especially the case with individuals that might not have the qualifications or experience to walk right into that position. It takes a lot of hard work, and we’re here to help.

There are some very useful tips for anyone that’s planning on taking on this ‘corporate’ adventure.

1. Raise your hand.
Always show enthusiasm and try to get involved in as many opportunities as you can. You need to show that you are committed and interested in what you do. Keep your eyes open for opportunities where you can shine and prove that you deserve to be recognised for future projects. Simply put, participate!

2. Lead and They Will Follow.
It’s important to prove that you are a leader and capable of working well in a team. This does have its cons though, as being a leader means that you are responsible if a project fails, but if you work hard and put enough effort in there’s no reason for failure. What management will notice is that you work well with your co-workers, you take initiative and that you are capable of leading a team in a professional environment- scoring you great points.

3. Innovate and Rise Above.
Probably one of the most sure fire ways of getting noticed by management or executive figures is the ability to come up with innovative ideas and solving problems. In many cases this also opens doors for mentorships from those in higher positions.

4. Network, Network, Network!
You’ll hear this in just about any industry. Networking is close to the most important thing you can do as a newbie in a company. It’s all about who you know. So get out there and meet them.

5. Work Hard.
Hard work pays off. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Yes; set your goals, network, and get involved, but by all means work hard. That’s how you get results and results are what get you places.

There you have it. Climbing the corporate ladder is a reality for just about anyone. If you’re just starting an entry level job make sure that you practice these above mentioned steps. You’ll see results and your bosses will see them too. Climb away.