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How do Employment Agencies in Gauteng Ensure that they Comply with the Latest Legislation?

Here’s how Employment Agencies in Gauteng Ensure they Stay on the Right Side of Constantly Changing Legislation

Employment agencies, more so than many other companies, need to remain current with the latest legislation governing the labour market in South Africa. It can be a full time endeavour to do so, as the South African labour sector and landscape are constantly changing and evolving. For many companies, this is exactly why they choose to hire employment agencies in Gauteng. It’s simply easier to tap into the expertise of dedicated professionals charged with staying informed about the latest developments in the labour sector.

For many companies, the prospect of hiring an in-house professional to keep updated on all the latest employment laws is a bit of a stretch. So instead, they’ll work with employment agencies in Gauteng to source and hire new staff, while sidestepping any potential landmines that they might not even be aware is out there. But how do employment agencies in Gauteng remain current and compliant with the latest labour laws and legislation?

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Employment Agencies in Gauteng Make it their Business to be Aware of New Legislation

One benefit that employment agencies in Gauteng have in terms of staying up-to-date with the latest developments in labour legislation is that they don’t have a choice in the matter. It’s the legislation that regulates their industry, and they need to stay abreast with it. Each new law or piece of legislation that gets passed has the potential to impact their working models, and ultimately, their bottom lines. It’s because of this, among many other reasons, why these agencies are motivated to study each piece of legislation and its potential impact on their sector.

The good news for you is that this means you have an expert source to tap into, each time you want to discuss or judge the impact of new legislation on your own company, and its hiring practices.

Important Updates to South African Employment Legislation

What are some of the important updates to employment legislation in South Africa? There are quite a few, as there always are, but some of the most pressing pieces of legislation to have been recently passed will have a direct impact on companies’ hiring practices across the economy.

A case in point is parliament’s recent amendment of the Unemployment Insurance Act, seeking to increase benefit values and simplify their administration. The amendment also seeks to clarify that learners employed on a learnership agreement, as well as foreign nationals, are also eligible to claim benefits.

Another important piece of legislation is the National Minimum Wage bill. It will impact company’s’ payroll in that South Africa now has a minimum wage administered on an hourly value. Other minimums set by current wage regulating measures will move up to the National Minimum Wage level, if they are less.

It can be tough keeping up-to-date with all the latest changes to South African labour laws. However, your business doesn’t need to go at it alone. Work with FHH Consultants, and let us help you stay on top of all the changing impacting your hiring practices.

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