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How Top Employment Agencies in Johannesburg Use Marketing Tactics to Succeed

Employment Agencies in Johannesburg Are Learning Lessons from Marketing

The social media revolution has changed the face of marketing forever. This spilled over to sectors that are also dependent on word-of-mouth referrals to generate new business. Social media has changed the landscape of many industries. No longer are companies and employers in control of their own brands. Instead, a brand is determined by how their customers experienced their services, and an employer by how their employees experienced the company’s culture.

Corporate messages aren’t being trusted anymore. Rather, consumers are placing their faith in the recommendations of their peers. Marketing had to adapt to this quickly, and as a result adopted inbound marketing strategies. Employment agencies in Johannesburg experienced a similar disruption to that of the marketing sector, and they’re also still in the process of adapting to the social age.

Employment agencies are dependent on quality talent applying for the positions their clients need to fill. In this regard, employment agencies in Johannesburg have learned valuable lessons in how marketing has adapted to the social revolution, and there are a few things that the employment sector can do to mirror the successful adaptation that marketing has been able to achieve.

Specifically, the employment agency sector needs to follow marketing’s lead in the following two areas:

• Inbound recruiting; and
• Outbound recruiting.

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Inbound Recruiting and Employment Agencies in Johannesburg

An inbound recruiting strategy assists in attracting top-notch talent, particularly in Johannesburg’s ultra-competitive environment for key talent. Where outbound recruiting usually includes marketing positions to the mass job market, an inbound recruitment strategy segments the target talent segments key to the client’s industry and starts forming longer-term relationships with that talent.

Whereas outbound recruitment focuses on the immediate roles available, inbound recruitment strategies work to offer tangible value to the target talent. In essence, it goes beyond a mere job listing, and seeks to add value and be relevant to people who operate in a specific profession or who possess a specialised skill. This will lead to key talent knowing where to turn when looking for their next role or career change.

Outbound Recruiting and Employment Agencies in Johannesburg

Outbound recruitment revolves around how vacancies and roles are marketed to target audiences. This includes the traditional avenues of advertising jobs on job boards, through social media and by creating landing pages to provide more information to prospective talent about the roles available.

Advertising remains essential in telling the story of brands and companies. New trends include focusing on the experience and skills a candidate would use in the role, rather than focussing on the requirements for the job. By doing so, it’s likelier to appeal to the sense of value that a candidate can add to the role and the company.

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