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More and More Employers Turning to Professional Staffing Solutions As Talent Shortage Bites

Employers Are Looking to Professional Staffing Solutions to Vie for Top Talent

Employers are increasingly turning to professional staffing solutions to fill roles as the talent crunch in South Africa continues to bite. It’s common knowledge that South Africa has been facing a shortage of skilled workers the past few years. ManpowerGroup’s tenth annual Talent Shortage Survey in 2015 stated that skilled trades and engineers continue to lead the pack of most difficult to fill positions for employers.

What are employers to do when faced with a competitive human resources marketplace? While developing a great work culture and other employee benefits can help make their companies attractive employers for candidates, there is something more and more companies are doing to attract top talent: they’re partnering with professional staffing solutions.

How Staffing Solutions Can Help You Build a Strong Team

In the past, companies simply had to advertise roles to court numerous applications from qualified candidates for the position. Despite South Africa’s unemployment rate being at its highest in recent years, this is not the case for skilled positions any longer. Today, companies need to go the extra mile to attract and retain top talent in professional industries.

Many businesses don’t have the in-house skills required to attract top talent. Professional staffing solutions can headhunt top human resource talent, and make the case for professionals to make the move to a new company. It’s an art, and to navigate all the intricacies of the recruitment sector is a full time job.

Professional staffing solutions make it easier to build the strong team your business needs to take it to the next level. With South Africa being plagued by labour, talent and skills shortages, it increases competition for good quality candidates, which in turn drives up commencing remuneration packages with companies who are prepared to pay higher salaries to attract the correct people.

The Struggle to Attract Top Talent Persists

The struggle for South African employers to attract appropriate candidates will get even more severe. While upskilling their current workforce is a medium to long term remedy to easing the talent crunch, many businesses simply need immediate access to skilled talent to take their operations to the next level. Staffing solutions can help attract the correct people to skilled positions.

According to the 2016 Annual South African HR Recruitment Trends Report, those questioned acknowledged a shortage of available skilled candidates as a major area of concern when hiring new staff. A lack of candidates with professional skills was underlined by more than 50% of respondents as the largest barrier to talent acquisition and assessment, followed by rivalry from other companies and compensation expectations.

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