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Interesting Trends Sweeping South Africa’s Recruitment and Staffing Solutions Sector

What Recruitment and Staffing Solutions Trends Are Sweeping Across South Africa?

While top talent always remains one of the pillars of recruitment, big data, technology and new generations entering the workforce mean that the staffing solutions sector is dynamic, and ever-evolving. Business owners, HR managers and talent scouts need to remain responsive to trends sweeping through the recruitment sector, or risk losing out on attracting and retaining highly sought-after and competitive top talent in South Africa.

To summarise some of the top trends sweeping through South Africa’s recruitment sector, and how it impacts on staffing solutions, we take a look at what you should be looking at. These trends can be viewed as more than that, they are fundamental principles that are changing the way companies recruit, candidates interview and recruiters source. Let’s take a look at some of the most important trend tendencies driving recruitment and staffing solutions in South Africa today.

Social Recruitment and Staffing Solutions for the Modern South African Employer

Notwithstanding the initial qualms in the staffing solutions sector, social recruiting, or the use of social media for recruitment, has evolved to become a main focus for recruitment departments. There are many reasons for this trend. The average South African spends two hours on social media each day.

It’s a perfect hunting ground for recruiters to target particular candidates in a cost-effective manner, while also increasing efficiency. Facebook has grown to become one of the most popular recruiting tools in South Africa today, allowing advertisers to target audiences using exceptionally detailed criteria. LinkedIn is another popular platform. Targeting makes it easy to achieve maximum reach to the right candidates.

Engaging Passive Candidates

Another powerful trend emerging in the staffing solutions sector is focusing on “passive candidates.” These candidates are professionals who are currently employed, and not actively job-hunting. What separates these candidates from others is that they would be open to discussing a new role, if the right position came along.

More and more recruiters, HR managers and employers are turning to social media to provide these passive candidates insights into their companies and brands. Through engagement of prospective candidates using educational and interesting content, they’re made aware of the company, its workplace environment and its values.

It makes it easy for recruiters and companies to build a talent pool of interested candidates, which they can tap when opportunities arise. What’s more, interested candidates who’ve been informed about the company only need to decide whether to apply for an available position, or not. There’s no cold sale.

Online Recruitment Remains a Bastion of Staffing Solutions

Most companies and recruiters these days opt for online recruitment as their main method of recruitment, substituting more conventional forms of recruitment. South Africa has a host of free online platforms, offering a wider reach for recruiters and employers to connect with prospective candidates.

Accessing a huge pool of quality prospective candidates can be expensive, which is why the prospect of accessing qualified candidates with a minimal time investment is highly attractive to bustling HR departments and recruiters. Online job postings are effective at getting vacancies noticed by the correct people, quickly.

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