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Interview tips for job seekers

The interview is a very important part of the job seeking process. This means that the company has reviewed your CV and has decided that you are worth meeting. Now its time for you to show them why they should hire you. Follow these interview tips for a successful interview and bring yourself closer to getting the job offer:

Know the company

Do some research on the company. You should also know what products and services the company offers, and you should be aware of their competitors. Read about their history, missions and values and think about how you could align yourself and your goals with the company’s in your interview.

Research the position

Go online and find information about the position that you are applying for. Read about the responsibilities that are a part of the position and the requirements to perform the role efficiently. Your knowledge of the position will help you answer the question about why the position interests you.

Look over common interview questions

This is not to say that all the questions you research will be in the interview, but there will probably be a few common questions that you will need to be equipped to answer. Researching questions will give you a chance to prepare.

Dress accordingly

Dress according to the company’s culture and the position you are applying for. You don’t want to dress formally for a casual company or casually for a formal company. If you are unsure about the dress code, find a happy medium between formal and casual.

Make a good first impression

First impressions matter. Be polite to every person that you meet while at the company, from the front desk to the interview chair. Arrive on time for the interview, greet everyone you come across and be enthusiastic about the interview.