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What recruitment agencies look for in a candidate

Searching for a job is no easy task, which is why many people go through recruitment agencies to help them with their job searching process. There are a few things that they will look for that may increase your chances of quickly finding a suitable position. Here are some things recruitment agencies look for in a candidate:


Recruitment agencies are going to look at your ability to commit to a position. They are also going to ensure that you are committed to the job seeking process. Recruitment agencies will determine whether you are committed by looking at how often you communicate with the agency, your interest in positions, the effort you put into making yourself look good (for example, your CV) and any other signs you may show.


Not to be mistaken as arrogance, confidence is an important trait to have. When it comes to your first interview with recruitment agencies, you really want to impress. You’ll need to be confident in yourself and your ability to fulfil the position that you are interested in so that the consultant will be confident in your ability to impress potential employers in interviews.

Good communication

An important part of any job is the ability to communicate effectively. Recruitment agencies will determine your communication skills through emails and interviews. They will look at your professionalism in written and verbal communication. Bad communication can lead to misunderstandings that will lead to problems such as low performance and workflow.

Problem solving skills

Recruitment agencies need to know that when you are faced with a problem in the workplace, you won’t freeze. It doesn’t mean that you need to solve every problem you are faced with, but you do not to show initiative and a willingness to try and solve the problems.