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Job Hunting 101

We help you Help Yourself.

We, at FHH Consultants- the best human resources consulting company,- are ready to help you find a dream job. We have been in the recruitment business for years and have built solid and dependable relationships with clients who continue to use us to find the best people possible. We are able to offer both temporary, fixed-term contract and permanent staff to suit needs, for both companies and individuals, across a wide spectrum of careers. We have become the recruiter of choice in South Africa because of our reputable and discerning service offerings.

We match our job seekers perfectly to our clients who need the best of the group on offer. Our solid and enviable relationship with our clients has helped us become a force to be reckoned with in the recruitment business in South Africa. We search throughout our country and spread the word on many different platforms such as print and electronic media. Anybody who is recommended y is has been thoroughly checked for criminal records and past misdemeanours at their previous employers. All qualifications are strenuously verified or falsified as well, leaving nothing for our valued clients to do other than introduce the new staff member to the present workforce.

We listen to everybody’s needs and from there offer optimal solutions to best suit both parties. Our years of trading have equipped us with the tools to understand what is needed without compromising quality. The best candidates come to us and we fit them with their best prospects to produce lasting and dependable relationships.