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How To Be The Perfect Applicant

When applying for a job, chances are there are more than a dozen other applicants going after the same role. So how can you boost your application and make it more attractive when looking for employment? While each employer has their own preferences, there are some similarities in what qualities make a great job applicant.

When you take the time to improve your application and your appearance, you can more effectively sell your skillset and work experience to match the employer’s requirements. Here are a few ways to become a great job applicant.

Professional Etiquette
Hiring managers want employees who project a professional image and will fit in with the corporate image of the business. Convey your professionalism through your job application, CV and cover letter by using proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

Dress professionally for the interview phase, have a positive attitude, smile, be approachable and offer a firm handshake. Most importantly, be punctual and show respect for the interviewer’s time.

Meet Requirements

Employers usually have a list of minimum experience, skill and educational requirements for the position. These should be clearly communicated in the job advert. Save yourself and the interviewer time and make sure you meet all the requirements.


Employers want applicants that offer versatility in their schedules and ability. It gives the company confidence that you are able to better adjust to changing work requirements, have scope for future growth in the company and to evolve with the business as it grows.

These are only a few ways to boost your application’s appeal when looking for employment. Make a lasting good first impression and your application will stand the best chance of being noticed for all the right reasons.