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Recruitment Agencies in the West Rand Can Help You Hire These People

These are the Three Types of Employees You Want to Hire with the Help of Recruitment Agencies in the West Rand

The creative thinker. The client pleaser. the upseller. These are only a few of today’s go-getter employees that forward thinking companies are always on the lookout for. While these categories are convenient boxes to place employees into, the team members that make up a successful workforce simply can’t be conveniently placed into these categories.

The team members that your business needs to succeed in any industry aren’t stereotypes. You’ll find these employees in all departments, interspersed throughout all levels of the company. Professional recruitment agencies in the West Rand know this, and will help you attract the top talent your company needs to take it into the future.

There are three types of employees you want working at your business in today’s economy. Let’s take a closer look at their profiles, and how you can identify a great prospective employee.

#1 The Employee not Afraid of Disagreeing with You

Team members who are chronically agreeable and only tell you how great your ideas are might be fun for your management team’s ego, but they can quickly end up being toxic for your business. As any experienced recruitment agencies in the West Rand will tell you, it’s always smart hiring employees who aren’t afraid to disagree with their managers, and even those higher up the chain of command.

#2 The Employee who Doesn’t Shy Away from Occasional Overtime

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want an employee who sits at the office until 11PM every night. You want to hire someone who does what needs to be done, especially when crunch time comes along and there aren’t any alternatives.

You don’t want someone who is perpetually in crisis mode, failing to complete tasks on time and within reasonable periods. The last thing you want is to have a team full of overworked employees on the verge of burnout.

#3 The Team Member who Makes the Most of Constructive Criticism

This is the person who takes constructive criticism and runs with it. They won’t sulk for days, or moan to their colleagues. Instead, they’ll take the criticism they received, create a plan to improve, and find a way to learn and grow from it.

They add value to a team by making sure that the opportunity to learn is always present, and they want to become better at what they do. It’s a great culture to foster among your team.

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