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What does a payroll administrator do?

Payroll administrator

FHH Consultants are the preferred choice of an Employment Agency that offers a niche offering of excellence and quality. We offer a streamlined service of payroll administration solutions that assists organisations with their

The FHH Consultants Payroll Service covers the complete payroll processing on VIP software, preparation and distribution of custom, secure and confidential payslips as well as the custom management and financial reports for PAYE, SDL, UIF, Bargaining Council deductions, Provident and Pension funds, Garnishes as well as Union member deductions.

In this article, we will be looking at the functions of Payroll administration and the critical importance of it. FHH Consultants prides itself on attention to detail and efficient reporting to ensure statutory and audit compliance.

Payroll administration includes the processes of ensuring all employees within an organisation are paid in an accurate and timely manner. The core responsibility of a Payroll administrator is the management of employee data, ensuring the accuracy of timesheets as well as computing wages.

Payroll administrators require strong numeric skills and have impeccable attention to detail. Additional responsibilities would include being a Subject Matter Expert by providing information about payroll related matters.

The calculations of payable hours, commissions, bonuses, tax withholdings and deductions encompass the payroll administration function. The coordination with the Human Resources department is critical to ensure correct employee data is captured and maintaining employee records with financial components such as earnings statements, issuing deposits and providing any administrative support.

The advantages of incorporating payroll administration will ensure compliance across various industries such as bargaining councils. By choosing FHH Consultants, we offer integrity, consistency and quality to reduce direct and indirect payroll administration costs.

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