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What does an employment agency do?

Employment agency

FHH Consultants offers a versatile range of services to a multitude of industries and organisations. We are passionate about streamlining intermediary services between candidates and organisations. Our main mission is to cultivate long-term relationships with clients and candidates by implementing robust techniques.

An employment agency is incredibly useful for sustaining a competitive advantage in the market by having access to the best candidates in the talent pool. In addition to the competitive advantage, the effectiveness of time and financial resources are significantly improved.

FHH Consultants enables business growth and innovation by extending our search mechanisms for screening the correct candidate for the specific role. The search and screening processes are predominantly the main focus areas of an employment agency.

The techniques used in an employment agency would require top-tier recruitment and Human Resource professionals. FHH Consultants are Subject Matter Experts in all things employment related and have a unique positioning in the market.

Some specific methods used by employment agencies include a broad spectrum of marketing initiatives. By creating a strong progression path for potential candidates, employment agencies are also primarily responsible for confirming job descriptions. Mechanisms such as web advertising on popular recruitment websites as well as social media to have a broader reach through shared connections can further streamline the job hunting process.

Ethical considerations could also be combined with the employment agency and the potential employer. Certain working labour law legislations should be adhered to. Some employment agencies also assist with the negotiation of employment contracts with the candidate and the employer.

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