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Effective Job Applications Made Easy

Approaching recruitment agencies such as FHH Consultants results in a team effort – between you and them. Whilst FHH’s consulting team will do everything in their power to land you that dream job, they depend on a certain amount of creative input from the applicant.

Tips to Stand Out in Job Applications
Make yourself “vulnerable’ – admit your need for advice. Don’t be nervous or hesitant to ask for guidance in areas you’re unsure of. Job applications can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in Life. Also, don’t be stuck in a narrow view of what you can do, what you’d like to work at. Your skills and experience might place you in fields other than your current expectations – be open to this. Tell prospective employers why they need you – not just for your qualifications but how you can creatively add value in tertiary ways.

It is important to train yourself to listen effectively, very often employers are waiting for you to confirm that you understand their needs, or are casting around for a solution they need. You must be able to identify these and offer meaningful, viable options.

Don’t be afraid to network in your interview – you need to know who the decision-makers are so that you can reinforce an employers’ interest in you. Your interview starts with the receptionists – treat them as if they are receiving your application, along with everyone else you meet in the organisation. Don’t make reactive, immediate decisions to apply for jobs – negotiate time to mull them over. Aspects can arise later on which make the prospect irrelevant or inappropriate, wasting many people’s time in the process and creating reluctance in people to assist you or be approachable to you. Here research of your employer prospect is critical.

Be aware of your body language – relaxed open posture is much more effective than stiff closed body positioning. Also remember that the job you are applying for is always a stepping stone to your ultimate career ambition so don’t try hard for something that fits – exactly – your dream job aspiration.

Lastly, act as if you are already employed by your employer prospect – demonstrate brand loyalty, company culture buy-in and empathy for policies and procedures. These, together with FHH Consultants’ placement skills, set you well on the way to a meteoric career path.