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Everything you need to know about talent management

Talent Management

FHH Consultants is passionate about building a strong and capable network of candidates. We are uniquely positioned in the market to bridge the gap between reputable companies and the highest calibre of candidates.

Talent management encompasses several steps that pave the way for sourcing and securing great talent. At FHH Consultants, we are highly skilled in incorporating talent management techniques that will guarantee the successful placement of candidates across different industries, varying experience skill-sets as well as educational backgrounds.

To begin with, it would be important to define and describe what talent management is. Talent management is the systematic process and approach of identifying a vacant position and hiring a suitable candidate. The end to end process would be to develop the skills and expertise of the candidate to match the specific position and retaining the candidate to achieve long-term business objectives.

The advantages of utilising talent management techniques would include enhancing employee morale, retaining and attracting high-quality employees. This ultimately capitalizes on an organisation’s biggest asset – its people. Talent management helps to maximize the value of employees.

From a strategic perspective, talent management models would enhance rapid talent allocation where the organization can operate with an agile methodology. A positive employee experience is equally important as this would translate into the overall retention rate of the organisation.

Functions of an effective talent management system is to streamline the entire process of helping an organisation hire, measure performance, develop, reward and establish succession plans for the respective workforce.

Some techniques used for talent management would include talent acquisition, on-boarding and coordinating training or development components for a specific area of expertise. A combination of standardizing and customizing the talent management approach is crucial so that effective job descriptions are advertised and interviewing techniques are adapted accordingly.

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